Clemen.Timez 19 December 2017

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

19 December 2017

2017 comes to a close soon, we reflect on the birth of Jesus and the amazing things He has done in us. The manger set up in our living room reminds us throughout this season that the hardship experienced by Jesus’ parents was a precursor to His birth. The words that come to mind are: ‘wonderful’, ‘peace’, and ‘joy’. Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, and Joy of our heart.

As we prayed through the months of October and November, we asked fervently that God would clearly show us His desire for our plans. We know that many others were lifting our requests to the Lord as well. God answers prayers. A good friend and pastor has said, “Sometimes the answer is yes, while other times it is no, and many times the answer is wait for My time.” Through several gifts from wonderful people we reached just over half of the funds needed to go to Papua New Guinea in January. In discussions with our Wycliffe leadership and others they suggested that we consider waiting until the end of the school year. Emily had her heart set on going in January to complete her junior year and the rest of her high school career, but we know that God’s timing is perfect. Though difficult, we count it joy and truly believe that God has the best plan for each of His children. We have a sense of peace that maybe there is something we need to be here for, either for our growth or blessing or for someone else.

Our family continues serving His people wherever He directs. It has been our honor to work with Wycliffe for the past 28 years. Any year-end gifts will go toward fulfilling our needs to return to PNG in May. Please consider investing with us in His work for the Bibleless peoples.

Wycliffe is an organization with a rich history of serving minority peoples needing His word for the past 75 years. To celebrate this milestone, Wycliffe put together a short inspiration video featuring words by its founder, Cameron Townsend, from 1981. Click here or the emblem to watch the video.

Celebrating His birth,

Robert and Molly for the Clementz family

Wycliffe Bible Translators * PO Box 628200 * Orlando, FL  32862



Clemen.Timez 19 October 2017

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

Over the last seven years we have been blessed to have our whole family together in Michigan. However, the inevitable is starting to take our family in different directions. This fall we have been spread thin with putting Sean and Mikayla in college, Emily at NorthPointe Christian, Molly working as a para pro, and me supporting my team of developers for Paratext.

During the past few months, in the midst of life’s busyness, God has been speaking to our hearts about returning to Papua New Guinea. We have been told that there are many critical needs at Ukarumpa International School where we worked in the past. Also, Emily has felt the Lord’s leading to finish her high school education in PNG. This new shift in direction has brought much prayer and many family meetings. We’ve sought wise council from our pastor, supporting churches, and many partners. The necessary paperwork to obtain visas has been completed. If the Lord continues to lead in this direction our departure would be at the beginning of the new year.

As always it is an honor and a privilege to work on the frontline of Bible translation, however this opportunity does not come without sacrifice. Emily is excelling in her junior year, headed to state golf finals, and making many new friends at school. Sean and Mikayla are well into their first year of college. With this, Molly and I are dealing with the emotions of leaving Sean and Mikayla in the States to fend for themselves. Please pray for us as we continue to listen and follow God’s leading.

God has always provided beyond what we could ever think or imagine. We also believe that if He is leading us in a new direction He will put all things in place. Our last big hurdle is raising the funds to move back to PNG. We would need about $10,000 for launch expenses. These include travel funds, visas, and supplies. If you would like to give specifically toward our launch expenses please go to the following webpage – and select Launch Expense Account in the dropdown as shown below.Alternatively, you can send a check to Wycliffe at the address below with a separate note designated toward Robert & Molly Clementz LEA# 71-231782.

Trusting in His direction,


Wycliffe Bible Translators * PO Box 628200 * Orlando, FL  32862


Clemen.Timez 03 September 2017

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

In this update we would like to share Sean’s health journey and upcoming needs for college.

Sean was diagnosed with Celiac disease at the age of seven. However, it wasn’t until Grade 8 that we realized its severity.  Even though he was on a gluten free diet his body was not growing.  In 2009, we left our overseas assignment to seek medical attention for his health needs. After moving to Michigan to work in recruitment for Wycliffe, we began our journey of finding those who could help Sean.  His high school years were difficult. At the age of 18 his bone age was only 13. Because of his size he had to drop out of the sports he loved, basketball and soccer. Fortunately, Sean is a go-getter and found an outlet for his athletic drive.  He is now passionate about parkour, free running, and Ninja Warrior training.

It has taken six years, several doctors, an incredible naturopath, amazing dentist, and other dental specialists to get Sean where he is today. We are beyond grateful for these professionals and all of you who have given emotional support to him and us. Without you, waiting for him to grow would have been unbearable.

Sean is now 23. Healthy, focused, and ready to tackle life. His love for the Lord and spiritual strength is beyond his years. We often prayed for smooth roads, but the trials of life has given all of us strength and a deeper walk with God.

This fall Sean is transferring from Grand Rapids Community College to Cornerstone University. He will be studying Exercise Science and Nutrition, with a minor in business.  His career goals are to train others in nutrition, exercise, and parkour.  He also hopes to own his own gym someday.

Sean has received some financial assistance through grants, academic scholarships and a scholarship for cross-cultural experience. He has also been working hard this summer to save money. However, he is still $8000 short of fulfilling his financial obligations at Cornerstone. We have been encouraged by several partners to make his need known. To that end, we are asking you to consider helping Sean. If you would like to donate to Sean’s financial needs please contact us. At that time we will inform you how this can be done.

Pressing on for His glory,


Robert and Molly



Pondering two kids off to university

It has been a very long time since my last Pondering post. It is not that I haven’t pondered anything over the past couple years, but I just haven’t put them in words.

As Sean and Mikayla head out of our house at about the same time, leaving only Emily still at home, just the thought of that has been on my mind often lately. I don’t envision life getting any less busy, but we will end up not going so many directions for school activities. Mikayla’s summer has been packed with activities: serving in Papua New Guinea, working, visiting with friends, family reunion, and even a bit of time at the beach. And now packing for college.

We are taking Mikayla to Taylor University next Monday. It is not that far, as we will be seeing her on Fall Break, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yet, it is far enough that it is not a visit every weekend. She tell me that four hours is a good distance. We believe she is ready to fly and this will be her first test flight.

Sean too, has been active this summer. Between training for the Rockford Ninja Warrior competition and working, we haven’t seen much of him this summer. It is wonderful for us to see how his body has been transformed by the great food he is eating and the physical training.

Sean starts at Cornerstone University after Labor Day. He has been flying for sometime now, but not solo. Though he will be very close in proximity, living in the dorms will be a new adventure for him. After a few semesters at GRCC it is time for him to focus on his major.

As I think about Sean and Mikayla, my father’s heart is torn between loving their presence in our home, watching them grow into wonderful adults, seeing God’s hand in and on their lives and trusting the training they’ve had under our roof to let them go. Molly and I know that the Lord is watching over them, but it is still somewhat discomforting sending your kids out into this crazy world.

Adventure to PNG Mikayla & Emily 4 August 2017

Dear Friends,

We have been back in the US for exactly a month now. I did not recover as quickly as Emily from the jet lag of changing 14 time zones. In fact, it took me over two weeks to begin feeling normal! We have shared the amazing trip with several people since we’ve been back and each time it has mainly been about the relationships that we were able to form, renew, or grow to a deeper level. We learn a lot from the work we did and the people we served, but the love poured out toward us was most meaningful. I will be going to college soon and Emily will be finishing her last two years of high school. We are thankful that we were able to go on this trip and for the people that helped make it possible. He has made us into different people by the experiences of this past June. We pray that we can use some of these experience to be a positive influence and encouragement to others as we journey forward in our next stages of life.

Here are a few more pictures from our many adventures and life in PNG.

Heading to work at the clinic

Saying goodbye to friends

Chatting by the mumu

Gathering the mumu food

Ready for the hike up to Lone Tree

Up the mountain

Almost to the top

Camp all set up

Our whole camping group

Rejoicing in the beautiful land

Thanks to our wonderful hosts

Co-pilot Mikayla

Saying goodbye to PNG from the air

Mikayla and for Emily

Adventure to PNG Mikayla & Emily 1 July 2017

Dear Friends,

As Mikayla said in the previous post, many villages surrounding our centre are a bit tense in this time of election. It is often somewhat dangerous to go too far off centre on foot, but not if you are with the right people! We had the opportunity to take a short trip to a nearby village a few days before leaving. It was the village of a very close family friend. His name is Andy, and he is a Papua New Guinean worker that assisted my dad when we were here in the past. He is extremely trustworthy and we knew he’d keep us safe. We went out to his village – about an hour’s walk – and had lunch with his family. Andy’s wife and children had prepared a traditional meal called a mumu. It is a long process, but essentially it is a pile of food cooked in a hole in the ground. We chatted with Andy while we ate kaukau (sweet potatoes), kumu (various greens), pitpit (a root that kinda tastes like corn), corn (tough like field corn), and chicken. After lunch we returned to our centre, because Andy had to go vote before the polling station ran out of paper. The memories we made in the short time we were with his family will stay in our hearts forever.

We are in Australia now, on our way back to the US soon. We will post a wrap-up with many more pictures in the coming week. Thank you for your support and prayers.


Adventure to PNG Mikayla & Emily 30 June 2017

Dear Friends,

PNG Election

Papua New Guinea is going through an election period. At first I did not think it would effect us expats, because we obviously cannot vote here. Come to find out, it effects everyone quite a bit. Because so many nationals work on our center, many businesses have had to close for voting. Also, because of the PNG culture, the voting system can be unorganized and the “official” date of voting for our province changed multiple times. Obviously it is very different than an elections in the States. One thing that is not different is the heightened emotions of people all over the country. People leaving our SIL centre must be extra careful and aware because of the tension this current election has brought. One specific way I seen this is in the clinic. When we arrived I found out that they were not sending any expats or females out on village clinics for safety reasons. I was disappointed to hear this because it is something I was looking forward to doing. This week of election they have stopped village clinics all together.

Many helicopters have been coming and going from our SIL airstrip distributing and collecting ballots from remote villages. We ask for prayer for Papua New Guinea as the voting ends and officials attempt to collect the ballots from all the remote areas.