Adventure to PNG Mikayla & Emily 18 June 2017

Dear Friends,

This Saturday felt like old times. Mikayla and I had the chance to attend the weekly “Smörgasbord.” Smörgasbord is a discussion group that one of the English teacher hosts at his house on Saturday mornings. He makes pancakes, tea, and coffee, and we sit around talking about different Christian topics that may be controversial or difficult to discuss. Some examples of things we discuss are: must Christians attend church every Sunday, what is women’s role in the church, and should euthanasia be an accepted practice. 

This past weekend we discussed the fear of hell and the want of heaven and whether or not those two things should be reason we follow God. It was a great time to reconnect with friends on a spiritual level.

I also had the opportunity to partake in the 10th grade girls’ Community Group Supper. I caught up with old friends and met some new people, too. After the dinner we had a time of prayer and devotion for all those who would be leaving.


Adventure to PNG Mikayla & Emily 12 June 2017

Dear Friends,

The rest that Emily mentioned in the last posting really hasn’t happened yet!  We have been visiting with friends this past few days and playing sports. We start work tomorrow as today is the Queen’s birthday holiday.

The time with friends and playing has been fun, but running around without shoes can be hazardous, especially playing softball in bare feet. Emily broke one of her toes a couple months ago and broke another on our fourth day here!


Emily and I had the blessing to attend a baptism at the Ba’e River just outside the mission base. It reminded us of being baptized in the same place several years ago. Wonderful to see how many from the community came out to support those being baptized and sing songs of His love.


Adventure to PNG Mikayla & Emily 7 June 2017

Dear Friends,

We can’t say that the flights over to PNG were uneventful, but God is good and we made it! We even have all of our luggage. Greetings at the Aiyura airport were sweet. It was great to see old friends and get much needed hugs. The short van ride to Ukarumpa allowed us to meet some new friends as well. We are very thankful to all the people who prayed for us. We are especially thankful for our parents and the Delta agent who helped us get on an earlier flight from MSP to LAX, so we would not miss our Trans-Pacific flight.

Praying for rest, after not sleeping in a bed for more that 48 hours,


Adventure to PNG Mikayla & Emily 4 June 2017

Dear Friends,

Delta Airlines – here we come. 

We leave tomorrow for Papua New Guinea!  Mom and Dad are driving us to Chicago. We leave our house at 10:30 AM and our first flight begins at 3:34 CDT. If the travels go as planned we will arrive in Ukarumpa on Wednesday at 4PM local time. Total time from leaving our home until getting to our new home for the month of June will be just shy of 40 hours! Pray we can sleep on the long flight over the Pacific Ocean.

This will be the 9th time for Emily and I to fly over the ocean, but our first time without our parents. A bit scary, but we know we will have people to help along the way of we need it. More so we are confident that the Lord has been going before us and will be traveling with the whole way.

Praying for peace and mercy as we travel,


Clemen.Timez 22 May 2017

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

The first five months of 2017 has been filled with life in the Clementz household. Robert’s new role as a training coordinator for Paratext is both challenging and rewarding, Molly’s frequent work at the high school, Sean’s school and work, and our girls’ activities at school and preparations for serving in Papua New Guinea this June have filled our days and weeks to overflowing.

Paratext is a joint venture with SIL and United Bible Societies. Paratext 8 was released in April and Robert’s team is working diligently to complete the training videos for the updates and the new functionality of the application. Currently, 10,000 users of Paratext worldwide are looking forward to the training material for the update.

The girls just received full funding for their trip to PNG! We are thankful that God touched the hearts of many people who helped make this possible.

Please pray with us for the following points:

  • For Mikayla, as she graduates on May 31 and makes the final preparations to leave for PNG.
  • For Emily, as she has to take all her class finals early to leave for PNG on June 5 with Mikayla.
  • For Sean, as he continues to work two jobs in preparation for university studies in the fall.
  • For more monthly partners and as we continue our work with Wycliffe. We recently lost two longtime partners due to income loss. You can go to to partner with us on a monthly or one-time basis.

As our family continues to serve the Bibleless, we are blessed to be your hands reaching those people still waiting for God’s Word in their heart language. Please drop us a note. We’d love to pray for you.

Thanking the Lord each day,

Robert & Molly

Clemen.Timez 3 December 2016

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

thanksgiving-gangThis November brought many blessings to the Clementz family. We received an extra special gift for Thanksgiving – 13 missionary kids (MK) and international students warmed our home as we shared food, games and laughter! It was a great time to share stories of Papua New Guinea and other places around the world.  Such a joy for Molly and I as we were able to see what God is doing in their lives. Sean, Mikayla and Emily spent as much time as they could over the long holiday weekend with these true friends. It was sad for it to come to an end. One thing we know however, with MK’s it is never goodbye; it’s, ‘See you soon!’.

My new job in developing teaching materials and training translators in the newest version of ParaTExt is to begin January 2017. I am excited to get back into a teaching/training mode again. In order for me to begin my job we need to be at full support. This leads to another huge blessing in our lives, we only have $800/mo to reach this goal. God is good and touching the hearts of many people to come behind us with monthly gifts and/or one-time gifts.

Please pray with us for the following points:

  • Additional monthly partners and personal advocates for us to finalize the last $800/mo.
  • Any year-end gifts would help us meet this coming year’s expenses.
  • Sean and Mikayla as they both look to God for direction concerning college for next year.
  • A replacement for our little car – it does not do well in our winter weather.  We’d like to get a 4WD truck.

Our desire is for more people see the value of God’s Word in all languages.  1700 people groups are still waiting for the Word in their heart language.  He wants everyone to have the opportunity for God to speak in a way that is meaningful to their lives today and for the future.

Please let us know what is happening in your life.  We’d love to pray for you.

Blessings always,