Clemen.Timez 17 March 2018

17 March 2018

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

A good friend reminded us a couple days ago – “God is good, all the time!” We have experienced His goodness toward us even when things around us have not felt good. Last week we received an email letting us know that the remainder of our expenses needed to return to Papua New Guinea were covered!  A blessing for sure, but more than that – it was an answer to the very specific prayers of our family. The waiting was hard, but the blessings far outweigh the waiting!  Now we need a bit more monthly support – only $250.

Easter is coming soon and we celebrate the sacrifice that Jesus made for all peoples.  The Bible tells us of His life and love for us, yet almost 115 million people can’t read the Word in their own language. Above are the latest statistics on Bible translation. At this point in history there are about 7,100 living languages in the world, God is moving across the globe in an ever-increasing intensity and speed. Rejoice with us as many organizations and partners are coming together to bring the transforming Word of God to the Bibleless people of the world so they too can read about Jesus and His love.

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Please join us in celebrating with the language communities around the world that now have access to the Living Word of God. A special thank you for your part in helping make our work and greater work of Wycliffe possible. We are grateful for your partnership over the years.

Pressing on expectantly,

Robert for the Clementz family

Wycliffe Bible Translators * PO Box 628200 * Orlando, FL  32862



Clemen.Timez 3 February 2018

3 February 2018

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

We continue to move forward with plans of returning to Papua New Guinea in May of this year. The picture above represents our projected flight path to PNG. The location of the aircraft indicates our financial status to date. We are just over two-thirds of the way to our goal. As we wait patiently for His provision and direction, we continue to press on with the responsibilities He has given us here in Michigan.

I am working diligently with my team to complete the educational videos for Paratext 8 training. We have 65 videos to this point and may have as many as 10 more in English. Then we will move forward with translating them into several other primary languages. Molly is teaching at NorthPointe Christian School. Her primary work is with students who need academic accommodations. The teachers and parents love having her provide the needed support for these students.

Our children are pressing on with school this semester.  Sean has a full load at Cornerstone with several classes in his major. Mikayla has just started back at Taylor after spending two-weeks with her J-term class in Greece! And Emily seems to always be at school, with classes, basketball, tutoring, National Honors Society and even leading a worship team each Thursday mornings.

God cares about the work of Bible translation around the world and desires excellence in the work that we do. Wycliffe was recently honored with the GuideStar Platinum Seal. GuideStar is one of the largest independent evaluators of nonprofits in the US. This recognition means that Wycliffe has been diligent in measuring progress, has improved their impact, and continues to look for ways to be more effective. You can read the whole story at Excellence in the Great Commission.

Please pray with us as this time of waiting is never easy, but we know God is with us and for us.

Robert for the Clementz family

Wycliffe Bible Translators * PO Box 628200 * Orlando, FL  32862


Clemen.Timez 19 December 2017

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

19 December 2017

2017 comes to a close soon, we reflect on the birth of Jesus and the amazing things He has done in us. The manger set up in our living room reminds us throughout this season that the hardship experienced by Jesus’ parents was a precursor to His birth. The words that come to mind are: ‘wonderful’, ‘peace’, and ‘joy’. Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, and Joy of our heart.

As we prayed through the months of October and November, we asked fervently that God would clearly show us His desire for our plans. We know that many others were lifting our requests to the Lord as well. God answers prayers. A good friend and pastor has said, “Sometimes the answer is yes, while other times it is no, and many times the answer is wait for My time.” Through several gifts from wonderful people we reached just over half of the funds needed to go to Papua New Guinea in January. In discussions with our Wycliffe leadership and others they suggested that we consider waiting until the end of the school year. Emily had her heart set on going in January to complete her junior year and the rest of her high school career, but we know that God’s timing is perfect. Though difficult, we count it joy and truly believe that God has the best plan for each of His children. We have a sense of peace that maybe there is something we need to be here for, either for our growth or blessing or for someone else.

Our family continues serving His people wherever He directs. It has been our honor to work with Wycliffe for the past 28 years. Any year-end gifts will go toward fulfilling our needs to return to PNG in May. Please consider investing with us in His work for the Bibleless peoples.

Wycliffe is an organization with a rich history of serving minority peoples needing His word for the past 75 years. To celebrate this milestone, Wycliffe put together a short inspiration video featuring words by its founder, Cameron Townsend, from 1981. Click here or the emblem to watch the video.

Celebrating His birth,

Robert and Molly for the Clementz family

Wycliffe Bible Translators * PO Box 628200 * Orlando, FL  32862


Clemen.Timez 19 October 2017

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

Over the last seven years we have been blessed to have our whole family together in Michigan. However, the inevitable is starting to take our family in different directions. This fall we have been spread thin with putting Sean and Mikayla in college, Emily at NorthPointe Christian, Molly working as a para pro, and me supporting my team of developers for Paratext.

During the past few months, in the midst of life’s busyness, God has been speaking to our hearts about returning to Papua New Guinea. We have been told that there are many critical needs at Ukarumpa International School where we worked in the past. Also, Emily has felt the Lord’s leading to finish her high school education in PNG. This new shift in direction has brought much prayer and many family meetings. We’ve sought wise council from our pastor, supporting churches, and many partners. The necessary paperwork to obtain visas has been completed. If the Lord continues to lead in this direction our departure would be at the beginning of the new year.

As always it is an honor and a privilege to work on the frontline of Bible translation, however this opportunity does not come without sacrifice. Emily is excelling in her junior year, headed to state golf finals, and making many new friends at school. Sean and Mikayla are well into their first year of college. With this, Molly and I are dealing with the emotions of leaving Sean and Mikayla in the States to fend for themselves. Please pray for us as we continue to listen and follow God’s leading.

God has always provided beyond what we could ever think or imagine. We also believe that if He is leading us in a new direction He will put all things in place. Our last big hurdle is raising the funds to move back to PNG. We would need about $10,000 for launch expenses. These include travel funds, visas, and supplies. If you would like to give specifically toward our launch expenses please go to the following webpage – and select Launch Expense Account in the dropdown as shown below.Alternatively, you can send a check to Wycliffe at the address below with a separate note designated toward Robert & Molly Clementz LEA# 71-231782.

Trusting in His direction,


Wycliffe Bible Translators * PO Box 628200 * Orlando, FL  32862


Clemen.Timez 03 September 2017

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

In this update we would like to share Sean’s health journey and upcoming needs for college.

Sean was diagnosed with Celiac disease at the age of seven. However, it wasn’t until Grade 8 that we realized its severity.  Even though he was on a gluten free diet his body was not growing.  In 2009, we left our overseas assignment to seek medical attention for his health needs. After moving to Michigan to work in recruitment for Wycliffe, we began our journey of finding those who could help Sean.  His high school years were difficult. At the age of 18 his bone age was only 13. Because of his size he had to drop out of the sports he loved, basketball and soccer. Fortunately, Sean is a go-getter and found an outlet for his athletic drive.  He is now passionate about parkour, free running, and Ninja Warrior training.

It has taken six years, several doctors, an incredible naturopath, amazing dentist, and other dental specialists to get Sean where he is today. We are beyond grateful for these professionals and all of you who have given emotional support to him and us. Without you, waiting for him to grow would have been unbearable.

Sean is now 23. Healthy, focused, and ready to tackle life. His love for the Lord and spiritual strength is beyond his years. We often prayed for smooth roads, but the trials of life has given all of us strength and a deeper walk with God.

This fall Sean is transferring from Grand Rapids Community College to Cornerstone University. He will be studying Exercise Science and Nutrition, with a minor in business.  His career goals are to train others in nutrition, exercise, and parkour.  He also hopes to own his own gym someday.

Sean has received some financial assistance through grants, academic scholarships and a scholarship for cross-cultural experience. He has also been working hard this summer to save money. However, he is still $8000 short of fulfilling his financial obligations at Cornerstone. We have been encouraged by several partners to make his need known. To that end, we are asking you to consider helping Sean. If you would like to donate to Sean’s financial needs please contact us. At that time we will inform you how this can be done.

Pressing on for His glory,


Robert and Molly


Clemen.Timez 3 December 2016

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

thanksgiving-gangThis November brought many blessings to the Clementz family. We received an extra special gift for Thanksgiving – 13 missionary kids (MK) and international students warmed our home as we shared food, games and laughter! It was a great time to share stories of Papua New Guinea and other places around the world.  Such a joy for Molly and I as we were able to see what God is doing in their lives. Sean, Mikayla and Emily spent as much time as they could over the long holiday weekend with these true friends. It was sad for it to come to an end. One thing we know however, with MK’s it is never goodbye; it’s, ‘See you soon!’.

My new job in developing teaching materials and training translators in the newest version of ParaTExt is to begin January 2017. I am excited to get back into a teaching/training mode again. In order for me to begin my job we need to be at full support. This leads to another huge blessing in our lives, we only have $800/mo to reach this goal. God is good and touching the hearts of many people to come behind us with monthly gifts and/or one-time gifts.

Please pray with us for the following points:

  • Additional monthly partners and personal advocates for us to finalize the last $800/mo.
  • Any year-end gifts would help us meet this coming year’s expenses.
  • Sean and Mikayla as they both look to God for direction concerning college for next year.
  • A replacement for our little car – it does not do well in our winter weather.  We’d like to get a 4WD truck.

Our desire is for more people see the value of God’s Word in all languages.  1700 people groups are still waiting for the Word in their heart language.  He wants everyone to have the opportunity for God to speak in a way that is meaningful to their lives today and for the future.

Please let us know what is happening in your life.  We’d love to pray for you.

Blessings always,


Clemen.Timez 1 November 2016

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

Over the past four months we have been at a crossroads of uncertainty and decisions. In June, we were informed that the recruitment event, Race to 2025, was being cancelled. Robert had been developing and running this program for over four years. Many factors brought Wycliffe administration to make this decision. For Robert, as a director of the program, it brought about new challenges. He must decide, should he continue in recruitment or look for another assignment that would more closely fit his skills and gifting.

Since June we have been praying, seeking wise counsel, and investigating other assignment options. Also, because we must be at 100% support before starting another assignment, we have been actively seeking more people who would join our ministry team. It has been a long four months, but we are happy to announce that we have accepted a new assignment.

Robert’s new job will be part of a team developing teaching materials and also training translators in the newest version of ParaTExt. Version 8 is in beta and the stable version is to be release in January 2017. Currently there are about 10,000 users of this software worldwide. Many of the translators are nationals in various countries. He is excited to get back into a teaching/training mode again. Once we get to full support, he can begin this new assignment.

mikayla-emily-hc2On the home front, there is never a dull moment in the Clementz family. With three children still at home, people are coming and going continually. Sean is healthier than he has ever been. He is involved with college classes, work, and training for Ninja Warriors.  Mikayla is busy with high school, a college class, working, and leading as the Student Body President.  Emily is serious about school and works diligently at whatever is put before her. She just completed a great season of varsity golf, the girls made it all the way to State Finals! She is also very persistent on driving so she can get her license as soon as possible.


First place team at a tournament earlier in the season.

Please pray with us for the following points:

  • For more monthly partners and personal advocates for us as we continue our work with Wycliffe here in the States.
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for more new partners in the past weeks and some partners who increased their monthly gifts.

As our family continues to serve the Bibleless, we desire for more people see the value of God’s Word in all languages. Did you know that 1700 people groups are still waiting for the Word in their heart language? It is still the conviction of our hearts that His Word belongs in the hands of all people groups.

Please drop us a note.  We’d love to pray for you.

Thanking the Lord every day,