Clemen.Timez 3 December 2016

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

thanksgiving-gangThis November brought many blessings to the Clementz family. We received an extra special gift for Thanksgiving – 13 missionary kids (MK) and international students warmed our home as we shared food, games and laughter! It was a great time to share stories of Papua New Guinea and other places around the world.  Such a joy for Molly and I as we were able to see what God is doing in their lives. Sean, Mikayla and Emily spent as much time as they could over the long holiday weekend with these true friends. It was sad for it to come to an end. One thing we know however, with MK’s it is never goodbye; it’s, ‘See you soon!’.

My new job in developing teaching materials and training translators in the newest version of ParaTExt is to begin January 2017. I am excited to get back into a teaching/training mode again. In order for me to begin my job we need to be at full support. This leads to another huge blessing in our lives, we only have $800/mo to reach this goal. God is good and touching the hearts of many people to come behind us with monthly gifts and/or one-time gifts.

Please pray with us for the following points:

  • Additional monthly partners and personal advocates for us to finalize the last $800/mo.
  • Any year-end gifts would help us meet this coming year’s expenses.
  • Sean and Mikayla as they both look to God for direction concerning college for next year.
  • A replacement for our little car – it does not do well in our winter weather.  We’d like to get a 4WD truck.

Our desire is for more people see the value of God’s Word in all languages.  1700 people groups are still waiting for the Word in their heart language.  He wants everyone to have the opportunity for God to speak in a way that is meaningful to their lives today and for the future.

Please let us know what is happening in your life.  We’d love to pray for you.

Blessings always,


Clemen.Timez 1 November 2016

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

Over the past four months we have been at a crossroads of uncertainty and decisions. In June, we were informed that the recruitment event, Race to 2025, was being cancelled. Robert had been developing and running this program for over four years. Many factors brought Wycliffe administration to make this decision. For Robert, as a director of the program, it brought about new challenges. He must decide, should he continue in recruitment or look for another assignment that would more closely fit his skills and gifting.

Since June we have been praying, seeking wise counsel, and investigating other assignment options. Also, because we must be at 100% support before starting another assignment, we have been actively seeking more people who would join our ministry team. It has been a long four months, but we are happy to announce that we have accepted a new assignment.

Robert’s new job will be part of a team developing teaching materials and also training translators in the newest version of ParaTExt. Version 8 is in beta and the stable version is to be release in January 2017. Currently there are about 10,000 users of this software worldwide. Many of the translators are nationals in various countries. He is excited to get back into a teaching/training mode again. Once we get to full support, he can begin this new assignment.

mikayla-emily-hc2On the home front, there is never a dull moment in the Clementz family. With three children still at home, people are coming and going continually. Sean is healthier than he has ever been. He is involved with college classes, work, and training for Ninja Warriors.  Mikayla is busy with high school, a college class, working, and leading as the Student Body President.  Emily is serious about school and works diligently at whatever is put before her. She just completed a great season of varsity golf, the girls made it all the way to State Finals! She is also very persistent on driving so she can get her license as soon as possible.


First place team at a tournament earlier in the season.

Please pray with us for the following points:

  • For more monthly partners and personal advocates for us as we continue our work with Wycliffe here in the States.
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for more new partners in the past weeks and some partners who increased their monthly gifts.

As our family continues to serve the Bibleless, we desire for more people see the value of God’s Word in all languages. Did you know that 1700 people groups are still waiting for the Word in their heart language? It is still the conviction of our hearts that His Word belongs in the hands of all people groups.

Please drop us a note.  We’d love to pray for you.

Thanking the Lord every day,


Clemen.Timez 14 April 2016


Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

Thanks for praying for oTN 2016 group2ur recent Race to 2025 events.  Once again I had the privilege and pleasure to direct the Tennessee race.  We had the largest number of participants yet!  The energy and passion of the group was contagious.  The participants ranged in age from 14 to 45.  Also, six people returned from previous races and brought new members for their respective teams.  A new challenge this year was log cutting with a two-person hand chainsaw. log cutting2

One of the best parts of the weekend is to hear the life stories from our participants and their comments about this event.  One participant wrote in her evaluation: “The race was a beautiful combination of enthusiasm in terms of adventure and thrill, woven together with the urgency of the Gospel.  I think more people need to know how exciting it is to carry the Gospel and serve Jesus!”  Check out some of the photos and posts on the Race to 2025USA Facebook page.

As our family presses forward, we desire to see more people of all ages grasp the value of God’s Word in all languages.  Did you know that 180 million people are still waiting for the Word in their heart language?

Please continue to pray for us on the following points:

  • For more monthly partners, increased giving by those who are able, and personal advocates for us as we continue our work with Wycliffe here in the States.
    • We are thankful for the increase this past month from current and new partners.
  • Planning for the new Race to 2025 event in Wisconsin this fall.
  • For a newer car that fits our family’s needs.

Please send us a note to let us know how best we can pray for you.


Update: Ukarumpa – USA

Dear Friends, Family, and Partners,

leavingLeaving Papua New Guinea and returning stateside has been bitter-sweet.  The morning we left brought many tears.  So much so, it was difficult to get on the plane.  We were all very sad to say good-bye to friends and colleagues, knowing it may be a long time before we see them again.

The sweet side was the excitement and anticipation of being reunited with family, friends, and wonderful supporters. When we left I remember saying, “Seven months is not a long time, we usually go for three years!”  Well, I have to say that it is a long time when you leave behind a home, loved ones, and lots of work.

We are just beginning our third week back and the roller-coaster of emotions continues.  Daily, we are reminded that reverse culture shock and transition are real.  However, many little joys and lots of special people have helped us through the adjustments.  We are learning to treasure each day.

Our hearts are full and our stories are many.  We look forward to the opportunities of sharing our passion and vision.  As a family, we are excited to see where God takes us next.  You never know…it just might be back to PNG.  A deep heart-felt thank you to all who encouraged, prayed, and financially supported us during this time.

Sincerely grateful,

“Thank you God for this day of life, it is a precious unrepeatable gift.”  Sarah Young

Clemen.Timez 6 June 2015

Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

Trip LuggageWe leave for PNG on Monday!  It has been a long process to get to this point.  Bags are packed and passports with visas are in our hands.  We are thankful to all who have given toward our extra costs for airline tickets and needed items as we head back to Papua New Guinea.  Many of you have offered to keep us in your prayers.  Prayer is an extremely important aspect of this ministry.  Pray especially for the six college ladies who will spend time living in villages and facing a different culture.  Also for our girls as they transition to a lifestyle that will seem new to them.  We are confident that all the ladies will do great.  God is good!

Please pray for the following details:

  • safe flights for us and our team – Los Angeles to Brisbane to Port Moresby (June 8 to June 10), then to Wewak on June 11.
  • a positive training session in Wewak for the first 12 days.
  • the final $650 of monthly support.
  • for our boys and Leanne as they care for our house and navigate on their own.

Pressing forward by His hand and your care,

Robert and Molly for the Clementz family

Clemen.Timez 8 May 2015

Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

img004 Prayer Card 2015a

What a difference 14 years make!  In 2001, we left for our first overseas assignment to Papua New Guinea.  Once again we are headed back to PNG.  Along with our two girls, Robert and Molly will be leading a team of Discover participants to PNG for eight weeks of experiencing missions.  They will be learning more about Bible Translation, linguistics, and village life.  After the Discover group returns to the US, we will stay on to teach at Ukarumpa International School through December 2015.  Molly will be teaching in the elementary school and I will be at the high school where both girls are enrolled.  Sean, Zachary, and Leanne will continue work and school here in Grand Rapids.

Our departure date is June 8th.  We have passports, but await the visas right now.  Please pray for the following:

  • the final weeks of online orientation with our Discover team.
  • our visas to arrive in a timely fashion.
  • the remainder of airfare costs for the girls – about $1500.  (An additional flight was added as we thought we were covered a month ago.)
  • the final $750 of monthly giving.  We desire to leave with 100% support.

Anyone wishing to donate either a one-time gift or monthly can click on the following link for online contributions.

We are blessed to have many wonderful friends, and family who come behind us with love, encouragement, prayers, and financial gifts.

Thank you and God’s blessings on all of you.

Robert and Molly for the Clementz family

Clemen.Timez 28 January 2015

Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

DSC_0133What a joy and honor it was to see Zachary and Leanne begin their lives together on Jan 10!  Their personally written wedding vows conveyed the depth of love, respect, and commitment they have for one another.  The reception following was just plain fun!  Our only wish is that you all could have celebrated with us.  As they ran through a tunnel of people while exiting the reception hall  our sister-in-law photographer yelled, ‘STOP’! To catch the last picture of the day.

Please pray for Zachary and Leanne as move through 2015 and beyond as one.  Molly and I are thankful to have a new member of the family.  We look forward to seeing them grow together over the coming months and years.


The couple’s dance

escaping the party

Escaping the party!

Mom and Dad

Thankful parents











Robert & Molly for the Clementz family