Robert Clementz, along with his wife Molly and their four children have served Wycliffe as support staff in Dallas, Texas at the International Linguistics Center, in Papua New Guinea, and now in Michigan.

Robert’s duties in Dallas were primarily in Information Technology.  He was the team leader for computer services overseeing the hardware and software deployment, training, and troubleshooting for the members’ computers on the Dallas Center.

In 2001, the Clementz family traveled to Papua New Guinea.  Robert’s primary job title throughout their time in PNG was as high school teacher at Ukarumpa International School.  In addition to the classroom duties he was also the Athletic Director and track coach.  For two years he was also Youth Director for the large mission center where they lived and worked.  He managed weekly youth activities, mission outreach trips to local villages, and the yearly spiritual retreat for the high school students.  Molly taught in the primary school, volunteered at many monthly events, and mentored teen girls.

Over 250 translation projects have been completed in the 60 years that Wycliffe has been working in Papua New Guinea.  Robert and Molly’s service as teachers of the expatriate and national students allowed the Wycliffe translators to focus on their work and complete 60 New Testament translations through 2009.

Currently, Robert and his family are living in Grand Rapids.  Until recently they have been working with Wycliffe recruiting more people to be involved with the Bible translation task.  He was the director of the Race to 2025 events east of the Mississippi River. Robert’s new assignment is as a trainer for translation software. Paratext allows translators to input, edit, check, and publish a translation of the Scriptures, based on the original texts (Greek, Hebrew), and modeled on versions in major languages. There are over 10,000 users worldwide.

Our continued work with Wycliffe helps the remaining languages that still need God’s Word – almost 1600 living languages are waiting!


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