Adventure to PNG Mikayla & Emily 4 August 2017

Dear Friends,

We have been back in the US for exactly a month now. I did not recover as quickly as Emily from the jet lag of changing 14 time zones. In fact, it took me over two weeks to begin feeling normal! We have shared the amazing trip with several people since we’ve been back and each time it has mainly been about the relationships that we were able to form, renew, or grow to a deeper level. We learn a lot from the work we did and the people we served, but the love poured out toward us was most meaningful. I will be going to college soon and Emily will be finishing her last two years of high school. We are thankful that we were able to go on this trip and for the people that helped make it possible. He has made us into different people by the experiences of this past June. We pray that we can use some of these experience to be a positive influence and encouragement to others as we journey forward in our next stages of life.

Here are a few more pictures from our many adventures and life in PNG.

Heading to work at the clinic

Saying goodbye to friends

Chatting by the mumu

Gathering the mumu food

Ready for the hike up to Lone Tree

Up the mountain

Almost to the top

Camp all set up

Our whole camping group

Rejoicing in the beautiful land

Thanks to our wonderful hosts

Co-pilot Mikayla

Saying goodbye to PNG from the air

Mikayla and for Emily