Adventure to PNG Mikayla & Emily 1 July 2017

Dear Friends,

As Mikayla said in the previous post, many villages surrounding our centre are a bit tense in this time of election. It is often somewhat dangerous to go too far off centre on foot, but not if you are with the right people! We had the opportunity to take a short trip to a nearby village a few days before leaving. It was the village of a very close family friend. His name is Andy, and he is a Papua New Guinean worker that assisted my dad when we were here in the past. He is extremely trustworthy and we knew he’d keep us safe. We went out to his village – about an hour’s walk – and had lunch with his family. Andy’s wife and children had prepared a traditional meal called a mumu. It is a long process, but essentially it is a pile of food cooked in a hole in the ground. We chatted with Andy while we ate kaukau (sweet potatoes), kumu (various greens), pitpit (a root that kinda tastes like corn), corn (tough like field corn), and chicken. After lunch we returned to our centre, because Andy had to go vote before the polling station ran out of paper. The memories we made in the short time we were with his family will stay in our hearts forever.

We are in Australia now, on our way back to the US soon. We will post a wrap-up with many more pictures in the coming week. Thank you for your support and prayers.