Adventure to PNG Mikayla & Emily 28 June 2017

Dear Friends,

Cry Week

Here in Ukarumpa we have something called Cry Week. It’s starts with Tissue Sunday, which is the final Sunday night youth group of the year. A group of adults come in to lead worship instead of having student-led worship. This is so the students, especially the seniors, don’t have any responsibility on this last Sunday. After worship, the youth pastor led us in a time of prayer. Then for the rest of the evening there was an open mic time for the seniors to say goodbye and share some parting wisdom with the underclassmen.  Also part of Cry Week is something called the Wailing Wall. This is a time on the last day of school where all the seniors line up and the rest of the school and anyone who wants come can go through the line to say their goodbyes. In the middle of Cry Week is graduation. This was a great time to forget about all the goodbyes and celebrate with classmates. Then come the final goodbyes at the airstrip. People start leaving the day after graduation and most people fly out from the SIL airstrip. Over the past week I’ve gone out to the airstrip six times to say goodbyes to many my classmates. The week of goodbyes may seem excessive to some, but it is closure for the MKs on this chapter of their lives. Graduating means it is time to leave both the place they grew up and the people they grew up with. Some people I have said goodbye to I will see in the States, but some people I may never see again.