Clemen.Timez 22 May 2017

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

The first five months of 2017 has been filled with life in the Clementz household. Robert’s new role as a training coordinator for Paratext is both challenging and rewarding, Molly’s frequent work at the high school, Sean’s school and work, and our girls’ activities at school and preparations for serving in Papua New Guinea this June have filled our days and weeks to overflowing.

Paratext is a joint venture with SIL and United Bible Societies. Paratext 8 was released in April and Robert’s team is working diligently to complete the training videos for the updates and the new functionality of the application. Currently, 10,000 users of Paratext worldwide are looking forward to the training material for the update.

The girls just received full funding for their trip to PNG! We are thankful that God touched the hearts of many people who helped make this possible.

Please pray with us for the following points:

  • For Mikayla, as she graduates on May 31 and makes the final preparations to leave for PNG.
  • For Emily, as she has to take all her class finals early to leave for PNG on June 5 with Mikayla.
  • For Sean, as he continues to work two jobs in preparation for university studies in the fall.
  • For more monthly partners and as we continue our work with Wycliffe. We recently lost two longtime partners due to income loss. You can go to to partner with us on a monthly or one-time basis.

As our family continues to serve the Bibleless, we are blessed to be your hands reaching those people still waiting for God’s Word in their heart language. Please drop us a note. We’d love to pray for you.

Thanking the Lord each day,

Robert & Molly