Clemen.Timez 1 November 2016

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

Over the past four months we have been at a crossroads of uncertainty and decisions. In June, we were informed that the recruitment event, Race to 2025, was being cancelled. Robert had been developing and running this program for over four years. Many factors brought Wycliffe administration to make this decision. For Robert, as a director of the program, it brought about new challenges. He must decide, should he continue in recruitment or look for another assignment that would more closely fit his skills and gifting.

Since June we have been praying, seeking wise counsel, and investigating other assignment options. Also, because we must be at 100% support before starting another assignment, we have been actively seeking more people who would join our ministry team. It has been a long four months, but we are happy to announce that we have accepted a new assignment.

Robert’s new job will be part of a team developing teaching materials and also training translators in the newest version of ParaTExt. Version 8 is in beta and the stable version is to be release in January 2017. Currently there are about 10,000 users of this software worldwide. Many of the translators are nationals in various countries. He is excited to get back into a teaching/training mode again. Once we get to full support, he can begin this new assignment.

mikayla-emily-hc2On the home front, there is never a dull moment in the Clementz family. With three children still at home, people are coming and going continually. Sean is healthier than he has ever been. He is involved with college classes, work, and training for Ninja Warriors.  Mikayla is busy with high school, a college class, working, and leading as the Student Body President.  Emily is serious about school and works diligently at whatever is put before her. She just completed a great season of varsity golf, the girls made it all the way to State Finals! She is also very persistent on driving so she can get her license as soon as possible.


First place team at a tournament earlier in the season.

Please pray with us for the following points:

  • For more monthly partners and personal advocates for us as we continue our work with Wycliffe here in the States.
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for more new partners in the past weeks and some partners who increased their monthly gifts.

As our family continues to serve the Bibleless, we desire for more people see the value of God’s Word in all languages. Did you know that 1700 people groups are still waiting for the Word in their heart language? It is still the conviction of our hearts that His Word belongs in the hands of all people groups.

Please drop us a note.  We’d love to pray for you.

Thanking the Lord every day,