Clemen.Timez 14 April 2016


Dear Partners, Family, and Friends,

Thanks for praying for oTN 2016 group2ur recent Race to 2025 events.  Once again I had the privilege and pleasure to direct the Tennessee race.  We had the largest number of participants yet!  The energy and passion of the group was contagious.  The participants ranged in age from 14 to 45.  Also, six people returned from previous races and brought new members for their respective teams.  A new challenge this year was log cutting with a two-person hand chainsaw. log cutting2

One of the best parts of the weekend is to hear the life stories from our participants and their comments about this event.  One participant wrote in her evaluation: “The race was a beautiful combination of enthusiasm in terms of adventure and thrill, woven together with the urgency of the Gospel.  I think more people need to know how exciting it is to carry the Gospel and serve Jesus!”  Check out some of the photos and posts on the Race to 2025USA Facebook page.

As our family presses forward, we desire to see more people of all ages grasp the value of God’s Word in all languages.  Did you know that 180 million people are still waiting for the Word in their heart language?

Please continue to pray for us on the following points:

  • For more monthly partners, increased giving by those who are able, and personal advocates for us as we continue our work with Wycliffe here in the States.
    • We are thankful for the increase this past month from current and new partners.
  • Planning for the new Race to 2025 event in Wisconsin this fall.
  • For a newer car that fits our family’s needs.

Please send us a note to let us know how best we can pray for you.