Update: Ukarumpa – USA

Dear Friends, Family, and Partners,

leavingLeaving Papua New Guinea and returning stateside has been bitter-sweet.  The morning we left brought many tears.  So much so, it was difficult to get on the plane.  We were all very sad to say good-bye to friends and colleagues, knowing it may be a long time before we see them again.

The sweet side was the excitement and anticipation of being reunited with family, friends, and wonderful supporters. When we left I remember saying, “Seven months is not a long time, we usually go for three years!”  Well, I have to say that it is a long time when you leave behind a home, loved ones, and lots of work.

We are just beginning our third week back and the roller-coaster of emotions continues.  Daily, we are reminded that reverse culture shock and transition are real.  However, many little joys and lots of special people have helped us through the adjustments.  We are learning to treasure each day.

Our hearts are full and our stories are many.  We look forward to the opportunities of sharing our passion and vision.  As a family, we are excited to see where God takes us next.  You never know…it just might be back to PNG.  A deep heart-felt thank you to all who encouraged, prayed, and financially supported us during this time.

Sincerely grateful,

“Thank you God for this day of life, it is a precious unrepeatable gift.”  Sarah Young