PNG Update – Ukarumpa 6

girls-friendsDear Friends, Family, and Partners,

Both Mikayla and Emily have flourished during our time in Papua New Guinea. They excelled at all the physical and educational activities during the Discover program at the beginning of the summer. The friendships they built with the college girls were strong, yet the depth of relationships they developed with peers once school was in full swing were amazing.

heart dissectionThough the schoolwork was challenging both girls remained near the top of their class. Mikayla enjoyed her Anatomy & Physiology class, but dissecting a cow heart was not at the top of her list.

bball teamIn sports, they had the opportunity to play together in both touch rugby and basketball. Mikayla was chosen by the team as one of the captains. It was encouraging that her teammates saw her leadership abilities. They had a great season on the girls’ varsity basketball team, winning all but the last two games of the year.

As we return to the US, please pray for our transition back to a different life, especially for the girls. We will all undoubtedly encounter a mixture of emotions over the next several weeks. Pray that we will embrace our return to Michigan, yet hold closely the memories of our work and life while in PNG for the past seven months.