PNG Update – Ukarumpa 3

Dear Friends, Family, and Partners,

It has been over a month since we said goodbye to the Discover Team. All of the girls – Lacey, Christina, Dana, Katie, Catherine, and Hannah returned to the states to continue their studies. We never thought we would miss them as much as we do. However, after two months of experiencing PNG together, their absence has left a bit of a hole in the Clementz family. Our prayers are with them as they continue to seek God and His plan for their futures.
hiking girlswaterfall girlsDuring our time together in PNG, the girls enriched our lives in many ways. From studying the culture, to hiking the lowland jungles and the highland mountains. We enjoyed every minute of their craziness and laughter.

school girlsThe Discover girls were like sisters to Mikayla and Emily. On the first day of high school at UIS they made breakfast for them and even walked them to school.
grade 3 workers

All of the girls came to engage and interact with the culture and people of PNG. We were all blessed to have such a hard working group. Not only did Katie and Dana work diligently in the clinic and Highlands Office, they also helped get the third grade classroom ready for the beginning of school. Mrs. Halbrooks and I appreciated the many hours they spent cleaning, organizing, writing names, and creating bulletin boards.

wokim kaikaiCatherine and Lacey assisted the Howard family as they translated the Jesus Video script for the Adzera people. They also learned that much of village living includes the arduous labor of working the gardens and preparing food. They spent much of their time interacting with the women of their village.
Bilas meris

Christina and Hannah spent hours assisting with the Rapid Word Collection Workshop on the island of Bougainville. During their time in the village, the group was able to catalog over 10,000 words for the dictionary! When it came time for them to leave those in the village bilased (decorated) them and had a joyous celebration.boy reading

Discover teamWe miss having all ‘our girls’ here working alongside us and our colleagues. The impact they made during their time in PNG will continue on to future generations.