PNG Update – Ukarumpa 2

Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

Wow, it has been over two weeks since our last update!  It seems that the longer we are here the more we get involved and the busier we become.  It has been great to settle in and become a part of the community here in Ukarumpa.

Coffee Molly

Molly and Pastor David display tubes of coffee

Coffee1Over the past couple weeks we have had the opportunity to take the Discover girls and family to two different villages.  In Ba’e village we showed the Jesus Video.  The girls shared that it was exciting to sit with the children of the village and see their expressions as they watched the video for the first time.  Next we hiked to another part of Ba’e village where we visited with pastor David who not only preaches but also has a small coffee business.  He showed us the process of making coffee.

Every experience helps us learn more about the people and culture of PNG. Relationships are key components of every culture, but they top the list here.

Girls & coffee pastor's kids

Emily, Katie and Mikayla with the pastor’s daughters

We are all involved with many different tasks here on center.Emily weighing baby

Emily and Katie went with the clinic staff on two occasions to help with baby visits to nearby villages. They traveled in the clinic ambulance, helped set up the work area, weighed the babies and recorded health information.

All the Discover girls will be here at the Ukarumpa center on Wednesday. We are looking forward to reconnecting with the ones that have been out in other parts of PNG.  We ask for your prayers for the next phase of the Discover Trip.  All the girls will be reunited to share stories, debrief and learn more about Ukarumpa and the team of people here that help make translation possible.


PNG Update – Ukarumpa 1

Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

Thank you to all who prayed for us as we traveled from Wewak to Ukarumpa. Though our flight plans changed we all arrived to our designated locations safely.  Christina lost her luggage for a few days, but the airline finally found it and everything was there.  We are so very thankful for answered prayer as we could not imagine what she would have done without her belongings.

Family Uka houseThe Clementz’ are settling into the Wright’s house and thoroughly enjoying the cooler weather!  The Wrights just left for a one year furlough in Michigan, (of all places!)  We will be renting their home for the next six months. It is the perfect place for us and the location between both the schools couldn’t be better.  Mikayla and Emily are getting reacquainted with friends and adjusting very well.

Katie and Dana are also in Ukarumpa, and working in different areas. Both are learning about the many support jobs that are critical to the Bible translation task.

Katie Ambulance2Katie spends much of her time at the SIL clinic observing and working with Dr. Tom. She will also visit local villages next week with the clinic nurse to do mom/baby check-ups. The SIL ambulance and team does rounds in 12 area villages each month.

Dana HighlandsDana is working in the Highland’s Office with one of our colleagues who works with villages in the surrounding area. She has been working with a new Scripture application so it can be accessible on cell phones.

Catherine and Lacey are located in the Markham Valley in Morobe province working with a translation team in the Adzera language group. Christina and Hannah are working with a team on Buka Island in Bougainville.  We keep in contact with them either by radio, phone, or e-mail.

Tomorrow those of us in Ukarumpa are overnighting in a nearby village to show the Jesus Video.  Stay tuned for more adventures and pictures.