PNG Update – Wewak 3

Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

It has only been a short time since our last post but around every turn is a new adventure. Today we were to fly from Wewak to Ukarumpa.  Alas many small events cause that not to happen.  Our pilot was delayed in leaving due to weather, Kodiak SIB in Wewakthe Quest Kodiak plane had a minor mechanical issue, and the number of people and weight of the cargo needed to be adjusted.  All these issues together caused our pick-up time to be pushed toward dark. Therefore, we are staying another night in Wewak and will be leaving in the morning.  Please pray that all goes smoothly tomorrow.  We have enjoyed our time in Wewak, but it is time to move on to other locations to continue with this incredible experience in a new area of PNG.



PNG Update – Wewak 2

Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

We have one more day in Wewak.  The time has flown by, probably because we have experienced many things All to villagein such a short time.  Our village overnight was a new experience for all the girls.  Mikayla and Emily were too young to remember their first village experience in 2001.  Molly and I remember it vividly, yet this time was different in many ways.

Our group was split and went to two different villages.  Village greetingChristina, Catherine, Dana, and Hannah went to Forok village where they were greeted by the entire village with a singsing (song and dance).  This welcome was quite culturally appropriate for villagers to give for ‘whiteskin’ visitors.  Our family, plus Katie and Lacey went to Bunghain village.  The greeting we received was much simpler, yet we felt warmly welcomed by the family who were to watch over us during our stay there.  One little boy, Ari, was the first child we met.  He became like a little brother to the girls and was with us most of the time. Girls children wokabout

Our new family took us on a walk through the entire village where we were able to meet most of the people of their community.  We quickly acquired a large following of children.  Everyone wanted a picture with the new people.  The walk took a good two hours as we also stopped to play a game of soccer in a field next to their church.  After getting back to their village house, we were ready for rest and fluids.  boy climbing

One of the Girls-kulau3teen boys quickly grabbed his machete and headed up the nearest coconut palm.  The girls each got their own refreshing kulau drink.  That evening the women prepared a meal of sago, greens, fish, and fruit.  Our palettes were not yet adjusted to PNG food, but we all made our best attempt to eat the flubber-like sago paste.
KaikaiWhat we were not able to eat was quickly past around to others.

The following morning we got the opportunity of see the process of making sago and also visited one of their gardens. While the girls continued to play with the children, Molly and I learned many new words in their ‘tok ples’ (language).  Emily continued to have her new friend, Ari, by her side ready to play soccer.  Before we left she gave him the soccer ball.Emily-Ari









The gifts we received of learning their culture and some of their language was priceless to us. The people of PNG are so generous and kind.  They were truly interested in becoming friends even though we would only be in their village for 24 hours.  Their laughter and joy brought a continual smile to our faces.


PNG Update – Wewak

Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

Our team has experienced many exciting things in such a short time.  It has only been one week since we all met at LAX to journey over the big salt water.  We thank the Lord that our travels were uneventful – which is always a good thing when traveling abroad.  Our first day in country was spent in the capital city of Port Moresby.  It was exciting for us to drive on the left side of the road, and to go clockwise in roundabouts.  The usual place we stay was not available, so our accommodations were at the Wellness EcoLodge.  It was a great place to rest after 36 hours of traveling.  Here we are in front of a bird cage which is home for a Bird of Paradise. Ecolodge sm

Our 12 day orientation is taking place in the coastal town of Wewak.  Day number one brought a challenging, yet fun, three hour hike in the jungle.  A wonderful initiation to life in PNG for the six college ladies and us!   Everyone survived the straight down trail and all enjoyed hiking in the bush and through the creek below.  Our team: Catherine, Christina, Dana, Hannah, Katie, and Lacey (and Mikayla & Emily) have far exceeded our expectations.  We have lovingly named them ‘Meri belong amamas’, the ‘Happy Girls’.  What a joy it has been to hear their continual laughter.  All are embracing the training time,  yet sometimes it feels like information is being blasted from a firehose!

Every day we learn something new. Though Robert and I have served two terms in PNG, leading a team is very new to us.Family Wewak hike sm3  Wewak is also new to us. Being a coastal town, it is quite different than the highlands where the Ukarumpa center is located. First and foremost is the heat. We all dripped with sweat for the first four days, even when we were sitting!

Our second adventure was to a PNG garden. Gardens are a way of life here, and our visit to a garden also gave us the opportunity to rest and play at a beautiful waterfall. The ladies fully enjoyed getting wet after the long hike.

water team2

Other things we have accomplished are going into town to the market. This can be an overwhelming experience, especially for those who are not use to being surrounded by hundreds of people.  We also hiked to the beach to see if we could swim a half mile in the ocean.  Some did quite well, while the rest of us decided to just play.  🙂

Tonight is our first overnight in a village. Stay tuned to our next blog for some village photos and stories.

Clemen.Timez 6 June 2015

Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

Trip LuggageWe leave for PNG on Monday!  It has been a long process to get to this point.  Bags are packed and passports with visas are in our hands.  We are thankful to all who have given toward our extra costs for airline tickets and needed items as we head back to Papua New Guinea.  Many of you have offered to keep us in your prayers.  Prayer is an extremely important aspect of this ministry.  Pray especially for the six college ladies who will spend time living in villages and facing a different culture.  Also for our girls as they transition to a lifestyle that will seem new to them.  We are confident that all the ladies will do great.  God is good!

Please pray for the following details:

  • safe flights for us and our team – Los Angeles to Brisbane to Port Moresby (June 8 to June 10), then to Wewak on June 11.
  • a positive training session in Wewak for the first 12 days.
  • the final $650 of monthly support.
  • for our boys and Leanne as they care for our house and navigate on their own.

Pressing forward by His hand and your care,

Robert and Molly for the Clementz family