Clemen.Timez 28 January 2015

Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

DSC_0133What a joy and honor it was to see Zachary and Leanne begin their lives together on Jan 10!  Their personally written wedding vows conveyed the depth of love, respect, and commitment they have for one another.  The reception following was just plain fun!  Our only wish is that you all could have celebrated with us.  As they ran through a tunnel of people while exiting the reception hall  our sister-in-law photographer yelled, ‘STOP’! To catch the last picture of the day.

Please pray for Zachary and Leanne as move through 2015 and beyond as one.  Molly and I are thankful to have a new member of the family.  We look forward to seeing them grow together over the coming months and years.


The couple’s dance

escaping the party

Escaping the party!

Mom and Dad

Thankful parents











Robert & Molly for the Clementz family