Clemen.Timez 31 July 2014

Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,


This July we had the opportunity to go to the ‘Wycliffe Connection’ at our headquarters in Orlando.  Each morning involved meetings with colleagues, leadership, prayer, and encouragement.  The afternoons were set aside for meetings in various departments and some for rest and relaxation.  One afternoon we were even treated with an airboat ride on a swampy, alligator habitat.  What a wonderful time of restoration and reconnecting with the vision of Wycliffe.

group on airboat

We were once again reminded of Who we serve and why we work for the Bibleless peoples.  Those without God’s Word deserve the same privilege we have – to hear the truth of the gospel in their own language.  Recently, we received a story from a colleague in the Pacific Area which highlights new portions of Scripture that will change lives.

booksOn Roti Island, immediately west of Timor, a team of Indonesians and one Australian missionary have delivered 400 copies of newly translated Scripture portions for the Dela and Tli language groups.  For each language group they brought 200 copies of Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon.  Six training facilitators will lead Bible study reading groups using these Scripture portions.  The goal is that the nationals will know how to read the translated Scripture and to interact with it in a life transforming way.  In other words, to see themselves changed because they have God’s Word in their own language.

Please pray for our continued efforts as we build our team of prayer and financial partners.  A special thank you to our long-time partners and those who have joined our team in the past few months.  We are just an extension of YOU, and would not be able to press on without your faithfulness and generosity in prayer and giving.  Thank you!

Robert & Molly