Clemen.Timez 29 May 2014

Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity in the Clementz household:

  • Two Race to 2025 events have taken place, one in Tennessee and one here in Michigan.
  • Sean is working regularly and applying for college this Fall.
  • The girls are heavily involved with school leadership, sports, music, and art.
  • Zachary recovered well from his health issues and has graduated from college!

The Race to 2025 events from the 2013-14 season brought in over $45,000 for the African Sign Language projects! Many of you reading this were part of making that happen through supporting Sean as he competed in the April Cran-Hill Ranch race here in Michigan. It was great to see his team of new friends learn more about Bible translation, share challenges together, and have fun!  Click on this link to see a video of our Race to 2025 events.

Team Tanzania approaching the finish stone

Sean’s year of transition has been very positive.  His health has improved and he is showing significant growth. He has been involved with many different things like the Race as well as working regularly. He is preparing for college courses next Fall at Grand Rapids Community College.  He also saved enough money to buy his first car!

Beautiful ladies with beautiful art

Mikayla and Emily are about to finish the school year and we are proud of their efforts. Both girls have excelled academically and athletically. They both have displayed a talent in Art. Their artwork is often displayed in the school for all to admire.  Mikayla will be involved in an art internship this summer. This program is led by the art teacher at local preschools. The students will be managing, developing, and teaching at each of three different schools. Emily will be participating in a few sports clinics this summer.

Emily passed the ball between two players to her teammate for the score

Zachary finished strong with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. We are proud of this accomplishment as it shows perseverance through the many challenges he has experienced over the past two years.

Proud parents

Proud parents

As we press forward, we are blessed by you who partner with us in the work of Bible translation. There is still much work to be done – almost 1900 people groups still need God’s Word. Together, we are the hands for the Body of Christ to reach the Bibleless peoples. Thank you for being part of this privilege.

Robert for the Clementz family