Clemen.Timez 28 January 2014


Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

The new year has brought mounds of snow and frigid temperatures.  But despite the challenges of winter, we are thankful for the warmth of family.  I remember back when our home in Washington sold and God made it very clear we were to go a new direction.  When He said Michigan, I said, “really God”?!  Now, four years later, I consider our family incredibly blessed.  We remain close and connected, and for me there is nothing better than this!  God knows the very perfect plans He has for us; He sees the beginning and the end… so why is our first instinct to argue with Him?  In this case I am glad we had faith enough to obey.

I think each family goes through their own faith building challenges.  For the Clementz family it has been health issues and medical bills.  Beginning January 12th our family was midst of one of these challenges.  Robert was in Orlando for recruitment meetings, and I was home with Sean and the girls.  Sean began what is called Stress Induced Insomnia.  We had a very long week of little sleep.  But thanks to our doctor, sleep aids, and an army of prayer warriors we are back on track.  I am so proud of Zach, who sat many hours with Sean, and my girls who came alongside me when I needed support.  Where would we be without family, friends and our Wycliffe colleagues?  I have never been more thankful to work for an incredible organization, and for the prayers of people from all corners of the globe.  My deepest gratitude to many of you who brought us to the throne of our Heavenly Father.

Though challenges and struggles hit us all, we remain hopeful through the comfort of God’s Word.  Imagine those who have no hope because they have no Bible.  This is why we join in the work toward ending Bible poverty.  Many of you partner with us so that people groups without His Word can have the same privilege we afford – thank you for investing in the lives of so many!  Today there are more translation programs in progress than at any time in history.  Celebrate with us the amazing ways God is at work for the Bibleless.

Molly for the Clementz family


Pondering winter…

As I ponder the winter we are having here in West Michigan, it has been 20 years since I’ve experienced these bone-chilling temperatures.  Molly and I were living in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  In January 1994 it reached -26o.  We were younger and it seemed like those low temps were more of an adventure to be experienced than something to be avoided or cause us to grumble.  Now, we grumble a bit more, and as the cold weather is in week three we long to see temperatures above freezing.  The Arctic weather has brought a good amount of snow which is still fun for me, especially to watch our labradoddle run around in it for longer than I can endure the biting wind on my face.  Our family was even able to get a quick photo in the snowy conditions a couple days ago after church, but we did not stay out too long!

As I grow older it is tougher to run in sub-zero wind chill, so I relent to the treadmill at a local fitness center or the nearby school.  I have never been fond of running on a treadmill, but alas it does allow me to keep a level of fitness to resume running outside when the temperatures permit.  We remain hopeful that these temperatures will soon be a memory and the weather prognosticators say it will be soon.