Clemen.Timez 29 October 2013


Bob Creson, our colleague and president of Wycliffe Bible Translators, recently had the opportunity to inspire students with stories of Wycliffe’s work around the world.  Not only did he encourage, he also challenged students to take their degree global and use their education on the frontlines of Bible translation.  The response from the students was overwhelming!  If you want to be inspired or want to know more about this life changing work click on the following link to listen to Bob’s message.

Like Bob Creson, God has given Robert numerous opportunities to share the vision of Bible translation.  One part of his job as a director of recruitment is to speak in classes, small groups, chapels and one-on-one.  There was a time when we thought that ‘everyone’ knew about Wycliffe Bible Translators.  However, since we began working in recruitment and sharing about Bible poverty we have found just the opposite is true.  It has been eye opening to learn that many have never heard of Wycliffe, and those who have do not fully understand our ministry.   This awareness has caused us to value the work of recruitment  even more.  We are encouraged when individuals get excited and want to be involved.  Thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragement.  We are blessed as we do this kingdom work with you.

It is only God who moves the heart, and places each person exactly where He needs them.  Please pray with us as we share the vision of Wycliffe, and that more workers would come into the harvest.

We praise God:

  • For our faithful partners and several extra financial gifts in the last two months.
  • That Sean had an encouraging visit with a pediatric endocrinologist.
    • Three tests were given; all with positive results!
    • For the physical and emotional growth we are seeing in Sean.

Our specific prayer requests:

  • That Sean gets his braces off in a timely manner so as to participate in an internship in early 2014.
  • That Sean can find an affordable car.
  • Continued prayer for more financial partners.
    • We still need an additional 11 partners.

Blessed by God’s faithfulness,

Molly for the Clementz family